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How to Live Your Truth

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Oftentimes, deep down, we know our Truth but it gets lost behind noise (other peoples' opinions, family habits, our culture's expectation of us, etc.). Other times, we forget about our Truth, feel disconnected or like we're living a lie - but keep going through the motions because everything on the outside looks good. Below is a process to help you take gradual steps toward living in line with your Truth:

1. Practice being still and quiet more often. Turn off the TV, silence your phone and listen for the deeper you to emerge. The first thing you will notice is a bunch of chatter. By practicing being still, you learn the difference between random thoughts and the real you. Your Truth will begin to rise to the surface. You will know when this happens because Truth has a deep, internal "knowing-quality" unattached to external factors. You may experience feeling calm and clear and this is because you are taking the time to honor the true you.

2. Notice what needs to heal in you. Unresolved trauma and unexpressed, internal conflict requires healing to move forward. This step requires you to get the help you need (either through psychotherapy or an alternative healing practice that works best for you) to move through the underlying issues slowing down your process to living a fulfilling life.

3. Feel your emotional currents and what inspires you. Emotions are useful in guiding you to where your spirit needs to go in this lifetime. Oftentimes, we can numb our feelings because we are scared of what they may uncover. Feeling things doesn't mean you have to immediately uproot your life. It is okay to feel what comes up and plan for how slight changes can move you in the direction of where you know you need to go.

4. Be honest with safe people about your Truth. The more we speak our Truth, the more we get used to the idea of living it. Notice the people by whom you feel moved, motivated and inspired. We all have guides to remind us who we are and what we were put on this planet to do. Seek out these people and talk about your dreams with them.

5. Start acting in line with your Truth. The things you know you want for yourself deep down, start making moves toward those things. This step should not happen all at once if it isn't practical, realistic or safe. Notice when you're the most aligned with what you say, do and feel inside. When things start fitting into place, this means you're on the path to living your Truth. You will also start noticing "coincidences" and the energy of support when you start to align with what you know you were born to do.

Living your Truth is a process. It takes time, self-reflection and baby steps to be more in line with what you feel you were meant to do in this lifetime. Listen to what you need, be patient and kind to yourself as you walk along this path. Tend to your heart and seek support as needed. You will get there!


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