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About Me and My Offerings

My name is Tina Bell and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (license # 103370). The main challenge I see in the people I work with is disconnection from self. Oftentimes people don't know how to be and fear being fully themselves so they hide different parts which results in getting emotionally or even physically sick. Living in this way taints everything we do from getting up in the morning to living a meaningful life.

Many therapists and clinical supervisors advocate for the use of specific treatment modalities on the path to healing. These techniques will work for some people but not for all.

What I've found is that no matter what label we put on the healing process, one thing is common: Healing starts once we feel safe enough to allow our internal world to be deeply seen, understood and lovingly held not only by another person but also by ourselves. Change happens when we become aware of our patterns, why they exist, then consciously shift to more authentic ways of being and expressing ourselves.

Learning how to be accepting, compassionate and empowering to ourselves allows us to be more accepting, compassionate and empowering to others. Healing our life, our relationships and our world starts inside each one of us first, then ripples out.

If you are seeking a more enriched and joyful life, I offer individual psychotherapy to support you on that journey.

For budding therapists gaining hours toward licensure, working in San Diego's Children Youth and Families system of care, I offer clinical supervision to help you develop and trust your clinical intuition as well as Medi-Cal documentation training to properly capture your work with clients.